In cooperation with one of our suppliers we are introducing Phyllostachys Pubescens bamboo as a replacement of tropical hardwood doors. Bamboo is a sustainable, aesthetic and qualitatively high alternative that fits any customer with a focus on sustainability with an innovative character.
Bamboo is very sustainable because it grows much faster pace than regular wood and therefore it guarantee more output of material in a similar time span. Growing bamboo alongside prevents soil erosion and bamboo has a high CO2 absorption rate that has a positive effect on global warming.
Bamboo is no tree but a grass species. Not being wood results in certification for sustainable wood being irrelevant. That does not imply that bamboo results in irresponsible forestation. Quite the opposite; our bamboo originates from sustainably managed plantations. Bamboo can grow 30cm to 50cm a day. 
The Phyllostachys Pubescens is a type of bamboo that has been used as an alternative to wood for centuries.  30% of it stems can be harvested annually without reducing the size the forest. 
The harvesting and growth rates are the most important environmental aspects. The 'mother stem' grows new stems each year; replanting is therefore unnecessary: The quality of bamboo forest even increases as a result of regular harvesting and the removal of smaller stems.