Integrated service, design and finishes

Stroymoda St. Peterburg only
Design engineering offices and business centers

For over 19 years we provide services in the field of design and the engineering of offices and business centers. Extensive experience in this field allows us to create and implement unique designs.


How important is the design and layout of an office/ business center? In order of importance we placed it on par with the (technical) facilities, a professional staff and a competent leader. A well implemented design and layout improves the interaction of these three components to a successful business.




We guarantee a reliable cooperation at all stages of a project. Layout: Our experts work with spaces of any kind and will always find a way to use the space as efficiently as possible. We take into account the main functions and activities within the space and will design accordingly to achieve maximum results


Visualization:  We’ll compile a full 3d-model to evaluate all the details and benefits of the design. Our experts will carefully evaluate the wishes and suggestions and will look for ways to implement them. Alongside they will assist in choosing suitable colors and materials.


We supply a list with all finishes for the floors, ceilings and walls and suggest paint, plaster, flooring, wallpaper, tiles and so on.  From this a summary report is delivered for estimating the budget needed.