Steel is the first armchair designed especially for conference, auditorium, theatres and cinemas completely built in high resistance stamped steel. This makes it a very peculiar product for large and small projects. The steel auditorium armchair range offers numerous possible variations with backrests in three heights, various types of armrests, accessories and different finishes to meet every request. The tip-up writing table is suitable for lap-top use. Steel is designed for rooms with curved configuration or steps and can be prepped for electrification. The structure is made of a high resistance stamped and rolled steel frame, epoxy anti-scratch powder coated. There are 2 different heights available in three different inclination positions to improve comfort and visual. The seat and backrest of are made of a fire retardant cold foamed polyurethane padding, density 70 Kg/mc. The floor base is a stamped steel plate. The finishing can be in fabric, eco leather, or leather.