One to One

The main structure of the seating and backrest is 12mm laminated beech wood with steel pivots for seat installation. As finish many options can be chosen (Veneer, all upholstered, plastic laminated etc). The padding is made of polyurethane  foam with a density of 40kg/mi. For the backrest angle 3 positions are available 11o, 16o, and 20o. Weight is 25Kg. With backrest angle modification suitable for transformable floors.
ISO 354 - Acoustic Absorption Coefficient, measured in reverberant room (Conducted by Giordano Institute of the Polytechnic Center for Research)
With selected fabrics the chair was successfully tested BS 7176:1995
Seating and backrest upholstery One to One: Guaranteed for 200.000 cycles (sitting / standing)
The design allows easy replacement and maintenance of all components, especially those most exposed to wear and tear: cushions, seat and backrest structures, arm pads, and
  • seat & row numbers.
  • floor mounted feet for sloped floors, suitable for curved rows.
  • Aisle lights.
  • nNght and left handed antipanic writing tablets.
  • Electrification (Electrical socket, headphones, RJ45 or USB).
  • Antipanic writing tablet.