Musa allows writing and wiring systems and will comply with the most demanding congress users. The main seat and backrest structure in cross laminated beech wood (12 mm), with steel pivots for installation. Ergonomic padding with an inner panel in beech-wood (7 mm) and padding of polyurethane with a density of 40 Kg/m³ in the centre and 60 Kg/m³ in the sides. The inner structure is a zinc plated steel sheet (2 mm). The floor mounting foot is a steel plate with a base in stainless steel (provided the wiring passage). The complete metal structure is inserted in a box made from cross laminated beech-wood (8 mm), with a polyurethane padding. Upholstered side supports with front side in epoxy powder coat or upholstered steel sheet, already prepared
for the anti-panic writing tablet. 
Accessories (Option): Rear Backrest arrangement for 7» LCD video: The rear backrest can be prepared to install a 7» touch screen. Through their own display, the users can not only receive and consult information, but also vote, give an opinion, answer and ask questions, talk, be recorded by the own video camera. Right and left hand anti-panic writing tablet (in 2 dimensions)
Sockets with A/C and RJ45 inlets in the stainless base of the side support. Aisle light, seat & row numbers. Suitable for sloped floors and curved rows