The curve of Morfeo’s backrest, besides being an aesthetic choice, is above all an ergonomic one because it increases the comfort of the seat supporting during the hours spent in the chair. The armchair can be upholstered in leather or in fabric. The metal structure is covered by a wooden 8 mm thick box, where the fixing and rotation devices of the seat are installed. The armrests are made of 30 mm thick multilayer wood. The padding is of polyurethane (density 40 Kg/mc) to be covered in cloth or in leather. The Tip up seat is made from 15 mm multilayer beech. The backrest is made from curved 13 mm thick multilayer beech. Available accessories are a writing tablet with anti panic system and support mechanism, writing surface in 8 mm thick stratified laminate.
The tablets close positioning themselves automatically inside the side. 323 x 311 mm size format for a Laptop;
  • Predisposition for installation on sloped floors;
  • Predisposition for mounting curved rows with minimum radius = 6000 mm.
  • Seat number;
  • Row number;
  • Aisle light.