King is a chair with optimal sound absorption and a noiseless tip over mechanism. One of its unique features is the perforated base for air conditioning. The seating structure is in cross laminated beech-wood (15 mm) with steel pivots for seat’s rotation and fixation to the main support. The armrests (25mm) are installed in such a way they allow very easy maintenance. The padding is from polyurethane foam, (70 mm), density 40 Kg/m³. The under seat in beech-wood (7 mm) is finished in waxed oak veneer (plain or with holes for sound absorption). The Backrest is screwed directly to the main structure and is made from cross laminated pressed beech wood (13 mm) finished in waxed oak veneer. The polyurethane padding (80 mm) has a density of 35 Kg/m3. The base structure is made from an 8mm thick iron plate fixed the the central punched steel base of Ø 250 mm. The floor mounting hardware depends on the floor’s composition. The
main structure allows the armchair to be mounted either as a single armchair with 2 armrests or in battery intermediate ones. The complete structure is finished in anti-scratching epoxy powder coat colour to be selected
Deadening sound absorption test EN –ISO R354 for armchair with Bute wool.
F/R test EN-BS 7176 for armchair with Bute wool. Sound power tested and vented pedestal air conditioning tested.
  • Seat & row numbers.
  • Loor mounted feet for sloped floors, suitable for curved rows.
  • Different backrest angles (to be determined in phase of layout).