Erasmus is a perfect combination of engineering and esthetics. Included in the full rage of accessories, are writing elements. Available are right and left hand writing tablets that hide inside the armrest when not in use. The tablets have an antipanic mechanism that automatically retracts when the user stands up. The seat and backrest inner structures are made of zinc-plated tubular steel completed by polymer elastic webbing for comfort. The seat and backrest shells are made from polypropylene, in a grey slate color. The foam cushions are fi re resistant cold moulded
polyurethane, with a density of 60 kg/mc for the seat and 50 kg/mc for the backrest. The structural beam is made of zinc-plated rectangular steel tubing. The mounting foot is a stamped steel plate. Armrests: Structure is a zinc-plated steel oval column, with a zinc-plated steel plate. The armrests are made from injection moulded PP with its steel inserts. The upper arms are made from integral PU. There are 4 s electable backrest angles: 14°, 20°, 25° and 31°, depending on users’ viewing angle. The seat tip-up mechanism is spring-loaded with noise dampeners, synchronized with the tip-up armrests. The full range of accessories is: Free standing feet, Headrest, Beachwood elements in upholstery, Steel coat hanger, Seat and row numbers, row lightning.