Domino is equipped with a noiseless counter tip mechanism and the basic version is suitable to equip with an anti panic writing tablet which can be folded into the armrest . Next to the writing tablet Domino can transform into a full workstation with various electrification options. The inner structure is a square section of steel pipe. The outside box is made from cross laminated wood
with glued padding in F/R Polyurethane foam (10 mm thick, density 50 Kg/m³) The floor mounting system uses a folded steel plate bracket, 5 mm thick, already prepared for the bolts and plugs. Domino is applicable in a transformable floor setup. Domino’s is weighing 23kg. With backrest angle modification suitable for transformable floors.
The design allows easy replacement and maintenance of all components, especially those most exposed to wear and tear: cushions, seat and backrest structures, arm pads, and
  • Seat & row numbers.
  • Floor mounted feet for sloped floors, suitable for curved rows.
  • Asle light.
  • Antipanic writing tablet.
  • Eectrification (Electrical socket, headphones, RJ45 or USB).