Concept C

Concept C sofas and chairs create a space for upright and comfortable sitting. Generous proportions ensure a feeling of well-being and provide a comfortable distance between users. Concept C sofas with their high back create aesthetically and acoustically screened areas for sitting. Concept C stools are quick to rearrange in order to accommodate a larger group or connect the sofas to create a corner. The cubic sofa programme harmonises with the shell chairs and compact shell chairs for a uniform design quality.
  • Individual  way  of  use:  informal,  workplace-based communication, reception, waiting, lounge.
  • Concept C creates meeting points for people in your company.
  • Designs of shell chairs: linear and curved shell (cloverleaf), different types of wood.
  • Designs of sofas: high and low backrests, can be combined with tables and adapters.