Since 1991, Skyfold® has revolutionized the industry for acoustic operable walls by moving up – literally! With the launch of the Skyfold® Classic 60™ in October 2013, Skyfold® has done it again by setting the highest industry standards.

Skyfold® is a vertically folding retractable acoustic operable wall partitioning system that stores in the ceiling when not in use. This electric system is deployed by a turnkey / push button operation and provides for excellent acoustic rating up to STC 60 (RW59) and can be used in just about any location that requires room space division. Unlike conventional operable walls, Skyfold® is fully automatic and does not require manual labor, reducing operation and maintenance costs. Skyfold® does not take up valuable floor space for storage pockets and does not require wall or floor tracks. A light weight system, with only a dead load exerted on the structure, Skyfold® systems save on structural steel requirements and are ideally suited for new or retrofit projects.

A recent retrofit project for a multinational corporate office in London had specific requirements from the architect and client for their meeting room space. The architect selected Skyfold®’s Classic 60™ to achieve the highest onsite acoustics, reconfigure the space by anyone in 2 minutes and save considerable floor space. The wall panels were finished in customized graphics to reflect the corporate identity and room aesthetics.

Skyfold® walls have been the industry leader for over 20 years and rigorously tried and tested by users with over 4500 installations worldwide. The Skyfold® Classic 60™ wall has been acoustically tested by an independent government authorised laboratory in full accordance and compliance with ASTM E90 (ISO 140-3) for a completely functioning operable wall. With numerable in built safety features, the lifting mechanism is designed with a safety factor of 10. All tests are certified by a government authorized third party.

Skyfold® is a member of the USGBC and its products contribute to LEED credits for Innovation and Design, Materials and Resources and Indoor Environment Quality.