In mid-2014 Ahrend will be launching Ahrend Loungescape 2.0 which will meet the changing needs of workspaces. The first new elements were recently well-received by architects and designers at ARC13 in Rotterdam.

Thanks to Ahrend Loungescape’s interlinkable furniture blocks an extraordinary number of configurations could already be created. Now with the introduction of a number of new elements even more solutions are available for workspaces where contact and networking play an increasingly important role. 

The new additions consist of a wall panel system, so that spaces such as meeting rooms and pantries can be created within a larger space. Audiovisual equipment can also be easily integrated into the new additions, while a 30 degree corner element allows for an even greater variety of uses for the range. 

In developing Ahrend Loungescape we first looked at the activities that take place in the work spaces of today and tomorrow – brief versus lengthy consultations, formal versus informal meetings, and presentations to various sizes of groups. We also examined the roll that technology plays in the work space. “We further evolved Ahrend Loungescape on the basis of this integral vision, creating a perfect platform for all forms of Smarter Working. Moreover, thanks to the various new panels available in the range, one can now also create spaces within a space”, says designer Basten Leijh.

Aside from Ahrend Loungescape, the extended Ahrend Team_Up range with side panels was also presented at ARC13. This addition means that Ahrend Team_Up is now a complete range  that facilitates all forms of work – from communication to concentration.