Ahrend 190, a comfortable chair with adjustable lumbar support, giving it a highly visual character, with the many colour options enlivening the office landscape. In both an ergonomic and economic sense, Ahrend 190 marks the colourful introduction of a great new chair.

A colourful experience
When designer Kees de Boer created Ahrend 190 the result was an extraordinarily modular chair. The five mesh colours for the backrest – classic black, contemporary matte silver, tranquil light-blue, cheerful lime and strong ruby red – can be combined in any way you choose with Ahrend’s seat upholstery colours. Moreover, the two colour options for the lumbar support give the chair a very visual character, which means that Ahrend 190 fits perfectly into any environment where it is found.

Perfect customisation
Due to the many available options, Ahrend 190 can be easily personalised and adjusted to suit any type of physical build. This is thanks to the adjustable seat height and depth, the synchronised movement mechanism with lock and the choice between three different types of adjustable armrests. Images on the handles make it easy for the user to set the chair so that the adjustable lumbar support gives the user the ultimate in comfort.

Sustainable chair
Ahrend 190 is a very healthy chair and not just for the user but for the whole environment. Just like Ahrend’s other chairs, Ahrend 190 has been manufactured completely according to the Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy, while the chair not only meets the European standard NEN-EN 1335 and the Dutch NPR 1813, it exceeds them too. This means that thanks to Ahrend 190 you can work comfortably while sitting in a pleasant work environment.

View the product page Ahrend 190 for more information.